Thursday, March 24, 2011


Louella over at Masala w Bigosie has featured me in the 4th edition of her e-mag on Bollywood Bloggers! It is really fun to read about the Bloggers I follow in the other editions and I feel very honored she chose to feature me! Just follow the directions to download it at her blog  here.

Louella is a 17 year old Polish girl and a great fan of Indian films. She is very creative and a real prodigy as she has taught herself Telugu, Hindi and Tamil (even more languages I think) just from watching movies! I am so jealous of her ability to pick up languages so easily, especially when I stare at Tarak's interviews and can't follow hardly anything! Anyway check out her Blog, and further editions of Blogue! And Chala Thanks Louella, for featuring me in Blogue!


  1. Hey, you're a cover girl! (Just like Priyanka and Kangana in Fashion.) You are definitely my inspiration for starting a blog, and the epic "Dumas at Golconda" two-parter was a big inspiration.

  2. Congrates... Ur article on Mahesh was excellent. Though I m huge fan of him (I don't know telugu!!!), but I hv never noticed him this way. Awesome post.
    Check out my blog too.


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