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    This blog is primarily about my new love, Tollywood, but I reserve the right to blog about any language cinema from India. I have been watching Bollywood for years and feel I have only scratched the surface of those wonderful movies, especially the older ones.  I have, however,  been disappointed lately in the newer Bollywood films. (seems they are turning their backs on Masala) So about a year ago I watched my first Southie Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana. One look at the dancing cow puppets and I never looked back!

So why would a middle aged, non-Desi, Midwestern Mom like these movies? 

    In my day to day life I have a job that can be very frustrating and stressful. So, I do not want to watch films that I have to analyze. I do not want to watch films that make me sad or frustrated because they didn't turn out how I wanted. I don't want a "slice of life" because I see that drama for real every day.
    I want the good guys to win, I want the guy to get the girl, I want the bad guys to get their asses kicked. I don't want to think to get the joke, and I want to dance around my room while watching the songs.

 I love everything about these movies.

I love the romance and melodrama, some of it so perfect and heartbreaking.

I love the Hero Introduction scenes. I want to whistle and cheer and throw confetti, even when I watch them at home.

 I love the crazy over the top action and cartoonish violence where the super Southie heroes can defy gravity and fight dozens of machete wielding rowdies single handedly.

I love the slapstick comedy tracks, even when they have nothing to do with the story.
(Sorry no subs but I think you can follow it)

I love the songs and big production numbers. The dancing in the South is so joyful and uninhibited. Gosh, it's impossible to pick only one to go here, so I'm posting two!

   So there you have it. I love these movies because they provide every feeling and emotion. I am thoroughly and completely entertained. Are they perfect? Nope. Are they cheesy? Frequently.  Does the WTFery get out of hand? I hope so!  I watch these films with  great humour and joy,  just like I believe they were made. I find it very hard to be too analytical about these films so this blog will be low on analysis. I mean one doesn't question why a roller coaster goes up and down nor does one  ponder the physics as you whip around a corner.  I watch these films like I ride a roller coaster: With my eyes wide open, arms in the air, yelling "Wheeeeeeee!"

Videos: Above videos are from the movies Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana, Pournami, Yamadonga, Athadu, Chukkallo Chandrudu, Pokiri and Parugu respectively. All but Chukkallo Chandrudu and Parugu are available on Netflix

Disclaimer: I am a newbie and still learning, so please, if I write anything ignorant or  insulting please know that everything I write is from a place of love and good intentions. Please leave comments to help me learn more.


  1. So wonderful that you've started this blog Jill, and you explain your love for the films so well here! I love this, "One look at the dancing cow puppets and I never looked back!" While I remember seeing, "Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana," the cows didn't have quite as great an impact on me. :) I think my "cross over" as in cross over to an interest in South Indian films in addition to my already established interest in Bollywood films, was "Bommarillu." So many movies, so little time! I look forward to reading more on your blog.
    All the best!

  2. Thanks Sita-ji for all your help and encouragement!

  3. Ha! We do have a great blast down south, don't we? :) I too am trying to write a blog about southie flicks, because almost nobody in Slovakia/Czech Republic knows about them (the poor souls only watch bollywood!)
    And completely agree about the analytical part of blogging. I never know how peaople come up with it after finishing a movie - I only write about feelings :p
    And for me the push-over movie was Athadu. I saw NVND and Murari already, but it was the crying scene in Athadu that had me sooo platonically in love it's not even funny :D

  4. Thanks For visiting Remini, yes make a Southie Blog! We need more! You know I understand COMPLETELY about Athadu and Mahesh, le sigh.

  5. Sweet! Yet another Southie blog! And one of my favourite videos FTW (obviously, the one with Allu Arjun)! :)

    I still can't let go of Bollywood, so I have to share my time, but looking forward to reading about all kinds of Tolly masala goodness here!

    Keep the fun coming!

  6. Dolce and Namak, Thanks for stopping by. I won't let go of Bollywood either but seem to have more excitement for the Southies these days. There's room for them all!

  7. I is really hearwarming to see this blog. It shows that you have a good taste on arts.

    You should be watching Senior NTRs movies to really get the heat of the telugu movies. He is the grandfather of Jr NTR. He is refeered to as Anna NTR. What ever role he took, or what ever he did he did it with all perfection. This is no kidding but it true. And it is NTR's legacy of perfection that is practiced in Tollywood.

    If your movie has to be watched then it better be in par with NTR's landmark (the legacy).

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog nshakelli, I have seen Maya Bazaar in the theater with out subtitles and enjoyed it enough to purchase the dvd. I also have Yamagola sitting here waiting to be watched.

  9. Jill, I so much agree with your reasons for why you like these movies, it's the exact same for me!! Total madcap masala fun, which is my favourite kind of Indian movie :D

  10. Thanks Gauri! I'm really excited about all the new releases coming up in the next few weeks. Looking forward to Dabangg too which looks like some good ol' masala fun!

  11. As an Indian it's a great feeling to find a westerner liking our movies. I particularly liked your analysis as to why you like south movies (to get away from reality). Enjoy the journey...

  12. Thanks for visiting my blog Koushik. I really do love these movies!

  13. hi there!!!
    i stumbles across your blog today and am amazed at the love for south-indian movies so many non-southies seem to share!!! its exciting and exhilarating!
    i live in Bombay and every time i run off to the theatres to catch a Tamil/Telugu film my friends think i'm off my rocker :D yes its over-the-top; yes its crazy; yes it defies all logic; yes its melodramatic.... and yes, i love it!!!
    i love bollywood too, but there is nothing to get ur spirits high like a good masala tollywood flick with its hot hunks, insane comedy tracks, superhero stunts and happy endings :)
    so glad to have met a kindred spirit in you! am totally bookmarking your blog and following you...


  14. Thank you Swati, yes it seems we are twins separated at birth! Do you speak Telugu/Tamil? or do you get by without subtitles like me. I am pushing always for subs for overseas prints but I think they should sub in North India too. Even Shahrukh Khan recently said in an interview that "regional" films needed to start being subbed. Maybe you friends will come with you if there are subtitles? Anyway thanks for visiting, I look forward to your future comments on my future posts!

  15. i do speak telugu, its my mother tongue... but having never lived in Andhra Pradesh till i was 16 (and then too for jus 2 yrs), my introduction to Tollywood happened pretty late... i cannot read or write Telugu, but thankfully i speak and understand it well enough! I speak a little Tamil and understand the language quite well having worked on a Tamil film (Pithamagan) as an Asst Director. But then i realised i prefer watching southie movies more than working on them! :D
    Thankfully my husband gives me company in my southie film watching endeavours. Even though he is a North Indian, he was born and brought up in the south and shares my love for all things Telugu :) His favorite actor is Venkatesh by the way! Have u watched any of his films? If u havent, u must! He is the king of family masala!!!

  16. Hey This blog is really really awesome! I have been reading for a couple of days now and its just great! I love Southie Movies a lot. I would love to learn Telugu but have no resources for it. I think what you put in your banner is absoutly true. There is no movies like telugu and tamil movies, they have a certain charm to them that makes you addicted :P I love them soo much!

  17. Thanks Meera! I am also trying to learn Telugu slowly by slowly. Have you seen this site?
    http://www.learningtelugu.org/tutorials/first-steps-week-01.html Also my friend Kelly in Austrailia has a brand new tumblr here
    http://tollywoodismyteacher.tumblr.com/ I am slowly trying to pick up what I can on my own. Don't give up!

  18. Jill, thanks so much for linking my tumblr! You sweet! Meera, it's nice to meet you :D

  19. http://www.learningtelugu.org/tutorials/first-steps-week-01.html

    Thank for this link... This is going to b very helpful to me....

    Didn't u some times get frustrated when u don't know Telugu and u r a big fan of Telugu. Ha ha ha.. Same thing happens with me when I can't understand interviews going on TV9 !!!

  20. @Faisal Yes I get very frustrated, mostly watching interviews of Jr. NTR. He is so animated I watch them anyway and try to figure things out. Thanks for visiting my blog!

  21. Hi

    Greetings from Down Under! Came to your blog via Cinema Chaat. Your blog posts are very interesing. I speak and understand tamil and telugu - so am able to enjoy good movies from both industries without sub titles. I can totally understand the frustration of people about lack of subtitles in these movies esp for who don't know these languages. But then the sub titles in some hindi movie DVDs totally suck! I guess I am lucky that i am able to watch hindi movies too without subs coz i grew up in India.

    Keep the posts coming. I came to know more about the actor (subaraju?) in Leader from your post. I totally agree with you - he is hot and deserves to be in hero roles.

  22. Hi Jake, Nice blog and I absolutely love the happy endings. I can speak Telugu and from what I read you appear to be interested in Jr. NTR's interviews. Unfortunately, almost always he is diplomatic and hence is boring. Since he has political motives he ought to be diplomatic though...so nothing wrong on his part


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