Friday, November 19, 2010

It's my Birthday! and OMG I love Twitter!

    I can't resist doing a short post about my Birthday. And Twitter. And how totally awesome Twitter is especially on my Birthday! I was really feeling down yesterday. Not about getting older mind you. I turn 49 today and am proud of every grey hair and wrinkle because I (mostly) had fun earning them. And the ones I got from sad and stressfull situations have made me a very strong person so I celebrate them too.
     Also I don't feel middle aged at all. I still feel like a kid. Well my vision has gotten worse, I wear trifocals now but I've always had poor vision and have worn glasses since I was 10. So that's not a big deal. And my knees hurt sometimes because I have arthritis, but they have hurt since I injured them when I climbed Kilimanjaro so I totally BRAG about that! So that's not a big deal either.  I feel so much like a kid ( kid I mean 25-ish) that my 15 year old daughter complains about how loud I play my music and says I play around too much. I say there is no such thing! Plus embarassing her is kind of fun and rediculously  easy given her age.
    I was down mainly because it seems we miss all holidays and family celebrations because I live so far from my family. Americans are like that, we spread out! I think it is the pioneering spirit, leaving the old country knowing you won't see family again...nowadays we leave home and make our way independently. It's part of what we do. Especially midwest farmer types.  I haven't celebrated any family Birthdays, Anniversaries, Thanksgiving or Easter with my family in maybe 20 years.  I was feeling down because my daughter has always missed out on that too. (Except Christmas, we manage somehow at Christmas.) She's a sweetheart and tells me it doesn't bother her because it's normal to her, so I am the only one that probably feels bad about it.
    But  when she sees me feeling down then she feels bad, then I feel worse.  I was in the middle of feeling crappy but trying not to, so I went on Twitter and decided to spam my Favorite Tollywood stars to see if I could get one of them to wish me Happy Birthday. I focused on Jr. NTR because he is my number 1 favorite and Prakash Raj because he is Prakash Awesome! Spamming them was fun in and of itself because I tried to write something different each time.  I am especially proud of this one, a two for one spam about subtitles and my Birthday!
    And then some of my tweety pals, as Prakash Raj calls them, helped me and spammed them for a Birthday wish too. Thank you Nicki, Cynthia, Liz, Suzy and Harsha! And look! It worked!

    OMG! I was just about to go to bed when Tarak tweeted so I almost missed it! I squeee'd so loud I woke my daughter up! Poor thing! I totally scared her, she thought someone was breaking in! And he tweeted directly to me too! It was so cool and so very sweet of him! It is almost silly how happy it made me!  And then when I got up this moring I found this!

Squeeee! Prakash Raj called me dear!

    And then on top of all of that I have been getting  Happy Birthday Greetings from Tarak's and Prakash Raj's fans all day!  I can't tell you how much everyone's Brithday Greetings have meant to me. So Thank you all that have sent them!
    And then the wonderful guys over at Nandamurifans DB have been sending me wishes there as well. There are 2 threads started, here and here.

I love how the internet makes the world small. Instead of feeling disconnected from my family I feel so lucky and connected to everyone. Thank you everyone for making my Birthday so special!

My special friend Harsha from NFDB and Twitter has started a new blog about Telugu Films. It is going to be great having an actual Telugu person writing in English about Tollywood films. You can find Harshas Theory here. Welcome to the Blogging world Harsha!


  1. Happy Birthday once again!!! I am so happy that Tarak and Prakash tweeted and wished you :)

  2. You are a Scorpio [scorpio horoscope ] and you are so blessed and lucky to have amazing and wonderful people around you and made your special day extra, extra more special!

  3. A very happy birthday to you! And that is so exciting about those tweets!!

  4. That is SO AWESOME!! And from now on I will think of Prakash Raj as Prakash Awesome...hmmm...I feel a new portmanteau coming on: Prakawshome!

  5. hey....its really superb ... got attracted to urs blog..thanks for showing interest towards TOLLYWOOD n KOLLYWOOD.

  6. Thank you for the Birthday wishes Ladies!
    Nicki it was so cool you were on Twitter to experience it with me, Thanks for the spamming! LOLS.
    Linda thanks for the visit and the Horoscope!
    Thanks Filmi Girl1
    Maragaret I think Prakawshome sounds good.

  7. (I thought I posted this earlier, but here goes again:)
    Congrats on the tweets!
    Hmm, Prakash Raj called me "dear" in a tweet, too. Obviously he's "dear" two-timing on one of us--we may need to send this to a Tollywood gossip site. ;-)

  8. Awww thats so sweet :) Happy Birthday :) :)

  9. Happy birthday girl! No reason to feel old or depressed at any age! Not with so much good glittery fun around anyway. :D Hope it was the best one yet!

  10. Jill! OH MY! How GREAT! I love it! I was away from twitter/internet for a while and just saw WHO wished you a happy birthday. How marvelous. :)
    All the best,

  11. yay! More Birthday greetings! Thank you MM, Dolce and Namak and Nikita!
    ...Satish thanks for visiting my blog, nice to chat with you on twitter too.
    ...Dustdevil we may just have to fight over him. As I recall he called me dear before as well.
    ...Sita-ji I know Right! Unbelievable and so sweet of both of them.

  12. That is awesome Jill. It makes me happy that they responded and made your day.

  13. Aww, I was away for the weekend so I missed your b-day :( But I do wish you many happy returns in retrospective ;) I'm so glad you got tweets from your favourites - I guess I would shor circuit if that happened to me :p


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