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Bunny (2005) dir. V.V. Vinayak

There are many reasons to watch an Allu Arjun movie.  He is extremely fine to look at and he's an awesome dancer- one of the best. (I'll save the debate on whether he's better than Jr. NTR for another post) He is also very, very good looking. (it's worth mentioning twice) And since I am old enough to be his mom it would be somehow inappropriate for me to mention three times how nice he is to look at, so I'll  leave that gushing to my friend ApunBindaas.  I have seen enough of his movies now to add him to my Favorites list. Bunny is the 5th Allu Arjun movie I have seen, and so far is one of my favorites.
One thing I noticed right away is Bunny's theme song.  Whenever Bunny is coming to the rescue or is about to do something totally awesome his intro theme song plays.  I just love that! It totally builds the excitement, you know some major ass-kicking is about to take place. (I wish I had a theme song like that. It would be so cool to have the excitement and suspense build  for my students when I'm about to assign homework or at home when I tell my daughter to do the dishes. I bet they would be sooo motivated by it...oh gosh it would be FUN!)
 Here's Bunny beating up some rowdies at the beginning of the movie.  He plays a college student who gets Mahalakshmi, played by Gowri Munjal to fall in love with him.  She is the spoiled daughter of the over protective bad Dad played by Prakash Raj.  Prakash Dad will do anything to protect his daughter even have any boy who talks to her get their eyes plucked out. (Yeah he's BAD!) So Bunny would be in danger except he can bash all the goons and can outsmart them all too.
Eventually Bunny gets Prakash Dad to let him marry Mahalakshmi on the condition that all his wealth gets transfered to him. Now we find out that Bunny is really an orphan.  His father was ordered killed by the greedy Prakash Raj, who happened to be his Brother- In- law.  Bunny was given by his Aunt to one of his fathers loyal men to raise with the intention of one day having him marry Mahalakshmi and get the wealth back that Prakash Dad stole. There was some great momma drama (aka heros crying about their moms), when Bunny found out about the sacrifices his adoptive  parents made on his behalf.

In the flashback we see how Bunny's father gets betrayed. Tamil star Sarath Kumar plays Bunny's dad in the flashback.  He gets his own intro scene.  We see how he is a beloved leader of the people and how he gets betrayed by Prakash Dad.
Of course in the end, Prakash Dad has a change of heart, unfortunelty his right hand man Mysamma, played wonderfully by Mukesh Rishi, does not. The final fight sequence between Bunny and Mysamma has some wonderfull taunting. (I love all the taunting that goes on before the fights!)

Maybe he is just angry because someone spray painted a grey circle in his hair!

The last fight is great. Of course Bunny wins in the end.

Hmmm This reminds me, I need to re-watch Varudu. Hee-Hee
Allu Arjun is known for his dancing. This movie has some of my favorites.  I love all the song picturizations.  It was hard to choose my to favorites, but after multiple viewings I have decided these the best Bunny dances!
Va Va Varava
  Bunny Bunny

Did I mention he was fine?


  1. LOL I can't believe you liked "Bunny"! You my friend are made of much hardcore stuff than me. I still can't figure out how Arjun delivered some of the lines in this one without bursting out laughing (and the song lyrics!!!). It's just so ridiculous. Sometimes I feel sorry for myself when I look at the stuff I will watch just because he's in it.
    But... I do agree that Vareva is one of the most awesome dances ever (was it Lawrence choreographing?) and that you can even say it ten times: he looked sooooo FINE! :D

    The last fight, or as I lovingly call it "the underwear commercial" was fun, I almost didn't miss Prakash dad in it (of course had he been in it, he would have had to die and Prakash Dad never dies). :)

    I find that after 3 viewings, there are elements in it that I love to pieces but as a whole it's still one of the most WTF movies I've seen, and not necessarily in a good way. I do have a soft spot for it now though, God knows why...

  2. Was I the only one who thought Sarath Kumar was hot? Or am I just getting old?

  3. I should watch this one again. I bought all of Allu Arjun's movies at the same time and watched them one right after the other, and I remember not liking Bunny as much as the rest but I don't remember why. It was also in the very beginning stages of my Tollywood obsession, so I might understand it better now.

    But I have Varudu waiting for me at home, so a rewatch of Bunny will just have to wait...

  4. @Dolce, How can you not like Bunny? I must be imune to WTFness because i didn't notice anything too OTT with this!
    @ Margaret, You are not old! He is kinda hot, very he-manly.
    @mainhoonemily I think if you watch Varudu then Bunny again you will appreciate Bunny more.I liked Varudu, but it beats Bunny in OTT WTFness.

  5. I do agree with other posters - Bunny is not what I consider to be the best of Bunny! It isn't the worst of Bunny either to be fair. The upskirting in the final fight scene was quite, um, striking and frequent. I do like the songs a lot, but the actual drama was a bit lacking for me. Cheers! Temple

  6. Temple, If your talking about the whole "eye plucking" and revolving transplants, I agree very silly. Maybe I was too distracted by the eye candy to be disapointed in the story.;-)

  7. Don't worry Jill, I love this movie too - while it's not my favourite Bunny movie - that would be Aarya2 and then Happy - its up there and much much better than Aarya IMO. He looks so good in this film, and I love the whole backstory with Sarath Kumar, But, as an optometrist, the whole dodgy and IMPOSSIBLE eye surgery stuff irritates me no end! That said, the final fight scene is a real treat for all us Arjun fans, so I guess I can live with, or at least FF the eye stuff!

  8. Yaaaahhhhh Jill!!!! I looooooved Bunny!! It's my first Telugu and hello....look at how hot Bunny is! LOL.

    Yes, he is fine, hot, all the above. Gosh, I want to watch it again. I think we both like the WTF moments. :D


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