Tuesday, July 13, 2010


    I need to hold a Muhurat for my Blog, this being the first post and all. I can't afford to get an astrologer to figure out the most auspicious time for me, so I will just assume that when I click on publish post, that it will be the best time to start.  I wish I could do it up big like they do in the South and make it an event. I could have a Pooja and then a ceremonial first shot and invite the press and important dignataries.  I wonder if they have food too? Haven't seen pictures of stars eating samosas, so I guess not. I would have to provide food however, samosas and to make it properly Minnesotan, some cocktail wieners and Swedish meatballs too.
    I was only slightly aware of Muhurats  when I was watching only Bollywood movies. Both Luck By Chance and Om Shanti Om had scenes referring to them though they didn't call them Muhurats. I did some searching to try to find out to see if they were still commonly done.  I found this picture from the Muhurat of a Raj Kumar Santoshi film staring Aishwarya, Ajay Devgn and Nana Patekar.

They had a ceremonial sounding of the clapper board by Ramesh Shippy and Javed Akhtar and then a burning of an effigy. Now here is a mystery; according to the article this movie was to be called Saamna but the only movie that fits with this group of people is Khakee. Except Nana is not in Khakee. But look who is:
 Prakash Raj! I am taking this as a sign I have to get back to the subject of this post;  Muhurats, Tollywood style.
    When I entered Muhurat into wikipedia I got redirected to the page on Electional Astrology. It says there that this branch of astrology was used to plan battles in the old days, but is now used to choose auspicious days for weddings and other special events. So now I know Muhurats aren't scheduled on some random day that's convenient for every one to show up. I have noticed that some are held fairly early in the morning, so clearly specific times are chosen carefully too.
    Muhurats are religious ceremonies and promotional events for a new movie that is being launched.  There is usually a table where garlanded dieties sit amongst offerings, and copies of the script are set there as well. I love some of the pictures of the dieties, so colorful and lively. 

                                          Look even Jesus shows up!
                                          Sri Hari at Bhairava muhurat.

     I also am impressed that faith seems to be ever present in people's public lives. Here in the midwest faith is personal and for a lot of people the only public displays of faith are done at our places of worship. Prayer at work is usually an individual, private undertaking.
                                          Mahesh at Athadu Muhurat
     After the Pooja there is the ceremonial first shot of the film. I don't know if these are actual scenes that will be used in the movie or just a documenting of the Muhurat. This is where the special guests and dignitaries come in. There needs to be someone to sound the clapper board, someone to switch on the camera and someone to direct the shot.  These people can be anyone from politicians to actors, producers and directors. I am still hunting for pictures of actresses doing one of these jobs although I have found a few Aunties.
                                          Tarak at Bhairava Muhurat
Balakrishna and Politician Chandrababu Naidu
Even the camera gets a garland!

So to finish the Muhurat for Tollywood is My Bollywood Blog I'd like to thank for their encouragement blogger and fellow Twin Citian Sita-ji, who is directing the first shot, blogger and guru ApunBindaas who is sounding the clapboard and my daughter  Nyambura who has just pressed publish post. Thanks ladies, this should be lots of fun!


  1. Congratulations! It does feel almost necessary to blog about this stuff, as we don't have a lot of other outlets for the ranting, venting, sighing, trying-to-dance-along-ing etc. Love the Muhurat idea! May it bring you much good luck and great joy for years to come.

  2. Nice start jjake. I figured you would have darling Mahesh on here somewhere. Thanks for making me drool and sharing what you have learned about Muhurat.

  3. Cinemachaat cmleigh, Thanks for stopping by and your good wishes. This should be fun!

  4. Congratulations and welcome to the world of South Indian filmi blogging! Great first post - looking forward to the next one :)

  5. So excited for your blog, great first post. I remember hearing an interview with the American filmmakers who made "Bollywood Hero" (that Chris Kattan miniseries the Muhurat for the film, and how it was new to them.

  6. Thanks Liz! I only watched about half of the Chris Kattan thing. Maybe if he had a moustache it would have been better...ha. ha.

  7. OK, what I meant to say was "I remember hearing an interview with the American filmmakers who made "Bollywood Hero" (that Chris Kattan miniseries), TALKING ABOUT the Muhurat for the film, and how it was new to them."

    (Silly disappearing words!)

  8. I didn't comment here but welcome to the Blogging world!!!

    Thanks for the shoutout!

  9. Hi Jill!!!

    Hadn't properly visited your cool blog yet, looks lovely. Nice intro post :)


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